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luau dancers1
down to the beach
Dead Sea, Israel
Toes at the dock Lake Lanier 2016
The Synogogue in Capernaum
down to the beach
Santa Barbara sign
K church in Hawaii
Galilee boat
Sunset on the Galilee
Peaches on the Sea of Galilee
Steam Locomotive in Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga, TN
Our Travel Thirsty Toes at Lake Keowee S.C. waiting for the Eclipse August 21, 2017
Headed to Canada!
Galilee from Arbel 1
Israel near the western wall
Ford Field in Detroit
St. Simon's Island, Ga.
Pier at St. Simon's Island Ga.
Bobbie swimming with the Iron Men in Hawaii
Battleship in Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Police Car in Maui
toes at the beach in Hawaii
Lighthouse in Portland Maine
Saratoga National Historical Park
Swinging Bridge near Cherokee NC
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Bob and I love to travel and especially enjoy sharing travel tips and great ideas for adventures. We are looking forward to hearing from you and the exciting places you are going too!


I am the writer of this blog and it gives me such joy to share with you.  We try hard to come up with new and exciting adventures and we are always on the lookout for a travel tip to pass along.

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